Translations and Release Packaging

In the last blog post I mentioned a list of remaining tasks:
  • Translations
  • Release packaging
  • Installer testing
  • Auto start
  • Tray icon
  • Settings dialog
  • Browser compatibility
  • Web portal
I just ticked off 2 tasks: Translations and Release packaging. This is the remaining list in the most likely work order:
  • IE Support
  • Auto start
  • Tray icon
  • Settings dialog
  • Simple Web site
  • Installer testing
Most of these tasks are of medium size. We might defer Google Chrome support until after the first beta release. Maybe someone from the community wants to take this task. We hope to complete these tasks until August 2011.

There are more tasks which should and will be done after the beta release:
  • Google Chrome support
  • Personal inventory of virtual items
  • Virtual Items on Web pages
  • Real Web portal with item shop and (avatar) trading
  • Facebook, Twitter, OpenID authentication
  • More social interactions (wuscheln and more)
  • Porting to MacOS
Some of these tasks are big chunks of work. But most will be done until the end of this year.

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