Thoughts on Testing

While programming we write extensive tests. Tests are extra program code, which checks many functions. Basically every piece of code must be tested and be testable all the time. This is the programmers way to make sure, that a complex program works, even if things change over time.

The new client has now more than 100 test functions, each checking a group of functions. The upcoming portal just reached 50. Both are growing quickly with the number of feature blocks in the code. Sometimes we spend complete days writing tests. This sounds much, but it is worth the time, because tests easily spare much time later that would be spent debugging. Writing so much test code is a part of agile development.

Read more about testing on my blog

Donations Status & Upcoming Release

Dear Reader, this is a quick update on the donations status and the upcoming first release we are working on heavily.

The good news first: to the left you can see a sreenshot of the chat software we will publish soon. We are coding the last lines and have to integrate the software into the new installer. Surely some polishing has to be done but now we can see the end of the tunnel.

And now the very good news. You reached goal 1 for this quarter! We are thankful and proud. But that does not mean the project does not need your donations anymore. Keep up the good spirit and do not forget to grab a copy of Adobe AIR, so you can use our our little program.

Working on an Installer

We are currently working on an installer program. We were very happy with the weblin installer, which is a small EXE and downloads a separate ZIP file. We aim for a similar design. It might not do automatic updates in the first version, but we are currently laying the foundations for it.

Tell us if you have suggestions or experiences with the old installer you want to share. Now is the time to improve things.