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Donations will be used for server operating cost and other technical expenses.
Even small donations can make a difference.

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What you are Donating for...

The project has costs for technical and other expenses. Some are one time fees and some are recurring. We split the cost up into several levels:

  • Goal 1: production server (will be ordered in November, currently 0 €, then about 50 € per month. Setup fee is 150 €)
  • Goal 2: test server + other technical cost
  • Goal 3: office rent (yes, we have an office and we pay it since June 2009 because it makes the work more effective) and all other project related cost. Goal 3 is currently at 2000 € and not shown in the chart.
  • We are not talking about salaries and work time at all. This is only the cost we pay to run the project.

We are paying everything from our private wallet. If we get donations, then we can spare some of our private expenses. And we are thankful for that.

We hope that donations cover Goal 1. We would be very happy if we can get to Goal 2 later.

Be assured, that we really pay Goal 3 from our private money every month (not shown in the chart).


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