Internet Explorer Plugin, Autostart and System Tray

Three of the remaining six tasks are done:
  • IE Support: I implemented an IE browser helper which connects to the client and tells about opening and closing of tabs, about URL navigation and tab switches.
  • System Tray Icon: a small fun project. Since the client has no window, we need something else to control it. I created a small system tray icon which can start and stop the client.
  • Autostart: this was the easiest task. Just a registry setting, configured by the system tray icon menu.
Now remaining:
  • Settings dialog (do we really need this, we could start with config files and add a settings dialog later)
  • Simple Web site
  • Installer packaging and final testing
Next is the Web site. We need some place to download the installer and a simple way to configure the avatar, e.g. change animations and nickname.

Finally, we have to bundle all files and create an installer for Firefox and IE extensions. Not a simple task, especially the IE installer. And finally, finally there is much testing required because we want the installer to do it's job smoothly.

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