Support Infrastructure

Last month was the month of the item server. This month I am working on the support infrastructure.

The client is supposed to paint avatars and objects on Web pages. To do this, it needs a fair amount of support.

The client needs:
  • a user account on the server. The user account will be created when the client starts for the first time.
  • an XMPP account to connect to the XMPP server. The XMPP account is created automatically so, that users do not have to care,
  • avatar images and a way to select avatars,
  • an item inventory contains all the stuff you find, trade, or make,
  • an identity service which provides avatars and items to the client.
  • all this data wants to be stored persistently in several databases. 

These are the services I am currently building.

The goal is to make using the Open Virtual World client very easy. Just install and go.

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Hi...dear friend,the project is a success.
Regards. Macr@Soft

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