Web Avatar Ready for Developers

Just in time for GDC Europe 2011: the Open Virtual World client is now "Ready for Developers" who want to build their apps on the Web Avatar platform.

The Open Virtual World client is
  • a Web Avatar platform.
  • a Concurrent Casual Gaming platform
  • a platform where you can build your casual game
The Open Virtual World client has
  • an avatar on every web page
  • a WebKit based rendering engine
  • modules and APIs
  • everything a client app needs: protocols, logging, configuration
  • open source
"Ready for Developers" means:
  • it is working
  • it can be used by developers
  • it is not ready for end users
  • it needs customization and packaging
  • it needs gaming extensions and a game server if you want your users to do gaming
  • it needs an item shop and inventory if you want to sell virtual goods
  • it needs integration with your user profiles if you want to make the Web Avatar as a feature for existing games
  • it is not a product yet
  • but: it is a working platform for you to make a product
  • and: it is free and open source
The Open Virtual World project will soon publish a complete client which users can download. Until then, developers get early access to the platform.

Need help? mail to openvirtualworld@gmail.com

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