IE Plugin, Installer, Setup, VS10, Support Software

Just a short notice what's currently happening: I am working on
  • some issues with the IE support. Stability is very good, but avatars were "behind" the browser window
  • installer for the IE extension
  • simple setup process which starts after downloading/installing, where you can select install browser extensions, select a nickname/avatar.
  • I upgraded to MS Visual Studio 2010. There are some migration issues to be solved. But I feel, that it is better to migrate now than during the beta phase.
  • There is now a separate code repository for the WebKit SDK. It has 1.5 GB headers, libraries and DLLs, which are needed to build and run the WebView module. Surprisingly the result is not larger than 10 MB.
Still next on the list:
  • Finishing Setup and browser extension installers
  • Simple Web site
  • Installer packaging and final testing

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