Avatar Display

Do you see the difference?

On the left is the new OVW client. On the right is a Weblin display. The OVW client still lacks the points below the nickname. But it has a green glow around the nickname instead. Otherwise, they look almost identical. That's the point.

There is now an avatar display in the new OVW client. It is programmed in HTML and JavaScript with support from the C++ core.

There are still features missing. For example, avatars do not walk yet, they slide. But there has been significant progress. Because of the HTML/JavaScript environment, we can use jQuery for effects and event handlers. This makes programming very quick - and fun.

Just as an example, here is how the nickname is changed. It is a piece of JavaScript code:
SetAvatarNickname: function (hParticipant, sNickname)
$('#' + hParticipant + ' .cNickname').html(EscapeHTML(sNickname));
Pure JavaScript with jQuery. Very simple.

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