OVW Transparent Browser Bounty About to be Claimed

Brent Fulgham is currently working on the transparency feature for WebKit. Brent is the developer of the WebKit-Cairo port. It looks like the bounty will be claimed soon. Here are first impressions of the test.

What does this mean for the project? We will soon be able to start working on the GUI. The GUI is the last missing part of the new OVW avatar client. Thanks to Brent, the GUI will be purely HTML based. That's the future folks: Web technologies, CSS, HTML, SVG, Canvas, WebGL.

Later we might also incorporate the multi-process rendering and WebGL developments of WebKit. This means, that rendering will be even faster in the future and we can support real 3D avatars.

Also, thanks to Lupus Labs for sponsoring this open source bounty.

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Macr@Soft said...

Hello dear friend Wolf, really transparent GUI and browser applications are attractive and modern.
regards. Francisco Macr@Soft

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