Coffee and Cola Sample Implementations

I implemented a crafting process in the item server and the portal.

I am using two examples to check if the details make sense: coffee machine and cola dispenser with their respective ingredients and products.

The image shows all items which are currently defined. Most of them are for testing various functions.
This is a view of my visible inventory. One of them is a cola dispenser, a cola machine which makes a noname cola from water and syrup. It also needs energy. If I click the cola machine, then ...
... I see details of the cola machine. The machine is already equipped with water, syrup and batteries. It has a button to produce cola. When I press the button ...
... then I get an additional item, a small can of cola. Actually, a noname cola. Not very fancy, but still.

(For game designers: all item interactions are modeled with items. We took some days to replace a property driven model by an item driven model. It might be a bit less realistic, but manipulating items is more fun than manipulating item statistics.)

I can click on the cola can and see the datails ...
... including a button which lets me drink the can. Usually I won't drink it myself. I would offer it to visitors of my web site. If someone else drinks it, then we both get social points.

This is all just in aplain white design, actually not really a design. Only the bare minimum to check HTML/CSS structure and classes.

There will be a real design later. What about the green we were used to? or facebook blue? What do you think?

For developers: the item server has now 63 unit tests, the portal is still at 69. There are 74 different types of properties, which manage all item interactions.

Next steps: we will implement a little bit more item interaction, including damaging some stuff. After that we will turn back to the client and add a cool avatar display.


Macr@Soft said...

hello ... friends, I love the project and its progress and put it in the forum (6) six languages for users of OVW able to assess progress.

Anonymous said...

I'd like a black and white theme. Maybe these will be accepted by most users.

That could become an element of the whole virtual world to choose between black or white on sites, items, avatars and others.

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