State of the Avatar

It was quiet during the last 2 months. The main reason is, that we started working permanently in a day job. Since this project has no funding, we can not afford any longer to live without income.

I continue to work in this project in the evenings and on weekends. Clearly, work progresses more slowly. We can not hold any previously announced deadline of the roadmap.

There has also been a shuffle in responsibilities in the project. More about that later.

I just want to tell you, that we did not abandon the project. There will be a new virtual presence system with avatars and virtual goods on all web pages. We are continuing to work. Only the mode and the speed changed, because we have to work for a living.

On the other hand I will blog more in the future. I will tell more frequently what we are developing so, that you kan keep track of the project.


Anonymous said...

Please make it happen.. we have been waiting so much.. Also, don't you have some beta version to test?

Anonymous said...

why aren't you making public that Weblin started working again, meanwhile?

see it yourself, download it from here:

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