Like most of you, we got the news, that weblin is about to go down. This is sad news for us. Weblin is a great system which once had millions of users and it has a very good and strong community.

Actually, we are weblin users and have been for a long time. We like the concept of meeting people on web pages. So, we decided to create an open source version. We are planning to use the same open protocol to make our client compatible with Weblin. All users of different clients should be able to chat and connect. The user should have the choice of clients and competition will make clients better for the benefit of the all users.

Now it appears, that weblin drops the ball.
We will pick it up.

We are sad, that users of our client will not be able to meet weblin users. Anyhow, people will meet and chat and play on web pages. The time will come when there will be other clients in the biggest of all virtual worlds: the Web.


Macr@Soft said...

Point of view!
Webline the project was the best of web 2.0! Congratulations to the manufacturers, developers, founders of the project and all who contribute in some way.
So? Add a new Webline (OPW) ... this is leading(vanguard).
Regards. Macr@Soft S√£o Paulo Brasil


weblin yes was the best web?

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