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Unknown said...

wäre vielleicht nicht schlecht, wenn man sich jetzt schon anmelden könnte. grade jetzt, wo das mit der schliessung von weblin so aktuell ist. die meisten sind schon am verzweifeln und wollen auch nicht wirklich zu CC wechseln.

wäre schön, wenn ihr da schon was einrichten könntet

lg baby

Anonymous said...

hello all, we Webline's Portuguese community are waiting for that will come with new Webline (OPW) and do not accept the transition of the club, because it looks nothing with Webline.
regards. Macr@Soft

Anonymous said...

Webline, better chat and entertainment program for the web 2.0 ... my real opinion on this program that has ... The Webline and should continue to support the users who want to stay, especially those like me, still ... . Webline forever!..AneMarie

Anonymous said...

I tried RocketOn and it's very similar to Weblin in concept. Before we build something new, I suggest trying it out. It's an American company. They only seem to have English right now, but I may be mistaken.


Anonymous said...

I'm Hombre in Weblin. I found in it not only fun and, uhm, some fights, all part of game hehehe (but also jajaja and rsrsrs), but also a reason of life (and if someone thinks this is too much, no concern, I know why).
To be completely sincere I'm not sure that that Club Cooee was the continuation of our Weblin, so I wait you forward.

Unknown said...

hello friends,dear friends from weblin,that is great news, we can stay in tuch now in OPW...greetings for all from like always :)

DANTE said...

hey hey my dear frnds.............nice to have ya under 1 roof again.....weblin sure was our home but every ending has a new beginning.......end of weblin means the beginning of OPW......and this beginning will last for ever....:)

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