Avatar Display Showcase1: Movement

Have a look at our first little demo. What you see down there is the way we think the avatar display should work with avatar movement.

The user experience is not the final one but all basic issues should be matched.
We worked on how you move your avatar, how the display behaves when you scale the scene, what the display shows when you resize the underlying browser. To try it, download the flash file and open it in a browser.

Other fun issues (like the HeadUpDisplay, avatar interaction and lots more) will follow. But for the time being, just play around with this:

Check out the flash file

To say it one more time: this is neither the final display, nor the polished version of the avatar movement / stage behaviour. We need more time and your input to get things done.

  • No, there won't be wallpaper on every page you visit, it's just to show the movement.

  • No, we don't want to do pixel-art avatars as default.

  • The wallpaper was made by squidfingers.


Céline said...

thats looks good

Anonymous said...

I like it. Cant wait for more.

Anonymous said...

The key movement is good. And the resize feature. This sounds like it will be a big thing. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Great, you need a space-jump :-)

Botiglia said...

Wow! I ran about 10 minutes to the right to get to the 8/6 info! ;)

It's great! I'm waiting for more to show up!

Tocs said...

Very nice indeed.

my 2 cents:

The movement/interaction might need 2 modes. A non-invasive mode, to reduce hijacked browser controlls and to minimize complexity of the avatar controlls, and an active/game mode which works like the demo.

For the non-invasive mode only Drag&Drop and Blips are allowed. The screen could zoom out while walking to a Blip and zoom in again when the avatar arrives. Blips could also be used to mark edges like "farest Item on Page" or be used as an intelligent infopoint like "group of 5 people" instead of overlapping the 5 names and 5 Blips.

Anyway...nice :)

Daniel said...

@Anonymous: You're not the first to ask for a jump action and i think it would be fun, too!

@Tocs: I think the final version should never hijack browser controls. so the "game mode" would only be available while the app has focus.

The intelligent blips are part of the concept. But im not sure how to display the aggregated information ("group of.." is very little info).

krimimimi said...

I like the Burlington style wallpaper :-)

Anonymous said...

In EVE Online there are group-blips, which expand into individual items, if the mouse hovers over them.

Anonymous said...

The swf file does not work on my Firefox 3.5 browser.

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