We decided to use existing chat protocols for the Open Virtual World. People who meet on Web pages will actually meet in chat rooms hosted by chat servers.

We will start with XMPP, because it is extensible, modern, and because it gains more and more speed. XMPP is THE open instant messaging and chat protocol.

Later we will add other protocols. We are building an open architecture, that can use different protocols. XMPP ist the first. But IRC and others will follow. It is not really important which protocol people use to meet. The important point is, that they meet on the Web.

Why don't we create our own protocol? We have very much experience with chat and communication systems. We know that features of chat systems map nicely on the Open Virtual World. There are already well known protocols with all the features we need. There are client and server coponents. Even more important, there are people with know how. People, who already run chat servers. People, who know how to program additional components.

We need these people. We need YOU to make the Open Virtual World as rich as the Web.


Helge said...

It seems to me, that the same errors are repeated over and over again. You should start with the real values you want to provide to the users instead of the selection of some technology/protocol (like e.g. XMPP).

What you do is tech-driven development, not user-driven. This will likely fail like all other attempts. Why not start with some real thinking about how to provide value for visitors/users?

I admire the enthusiasm, but this looks like starting from the wrong direction.

my 2 cents,

Daniel said...

Hey Helge,
thanks for your profound comment. - We are trying to communicate technologie as well as user value. There will be lots of posts about both. But at this point tech decisions must be made and we want to share / discuss them with open-minded people like you.

Helge said...

Ahhh, Daniel. ...dann warst Du das vorhin auf meinem Blog, was? :-)
Lustig. Na ja, die Online Welt ist klein. Vielleicht hast Du ja Lust drauf, in meinem Blog mehr zu schreiben über Benutzerfreundlichkeit von Software. Würde mich über Kommentare von Dir zu dem Thema Usability und Präsenztechnologie freuen. Und für ernsthafte, konstruktive Kritik bin ich offen.


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