Open Meeting 3

Locations and displays:

  • There will be multiple displays per location. If URLs of 2 browsers point to the same location, then both browsers will have the same display. This means, that multiple "displays" can be attached to a single "location".
  • A chat window will be regarded as a "display". As a (positive) side effect, it will be possible to be in a room with only a chat window, but without a browser window.

Browser tabs:

  • Browser tabs will keep you entered, but you won't see people since you do not see the web page. A tab change will not leave/enter.
  • Only the status will change so, that other people know, that your tab is not active. There will be a special status for "active, but not on this page".

Roadmap timeline:

  • The roadmap has been updated with dates for the next milestones. Please see the roadmap page.

Place: Haus 73, Schulterblatt, Hamburg, Germany
Date: 18.06.2009, 13:30

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